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    Inventory Reports

    Undertaken pre- tenancy. Starting at £40.00 + VAT

    This is an essential document that provides a written benchmark before the beginning of each new tenancy. A properly constructed Inventory/Schedule of Condition details the fixtures and fittings and describes their condition and that of the property generally.

    With changes in legislation the spotlight is now firmly on the inventory, check in and check out processes. Recent tenancy deposit scheme cases have highlighted the need for a clear and concise inventory to protect the landlord. Many cases have resulted in a full return of the deposit as the landlord could not provide sufficient evidence to successfully pursue their action.


    An inventory should be produced as close to the start of the tenancy as possible. We usually arrive a day or so before the tenancy start date.

    Check In Reports

    Undertaken at the start of the tenancy. Starting at £35.00 + VAT

    The check in is designed to provide the tenant with an understanding of the Inventory as well as allow an opportunity for amendments to be made to the Inventory Report.

    A Check-In appointment ensures that the tenants have had every opportunity to query, amend or discuss discrepancies in the property.


    Tenancy Deposit Schemes are encouraging Landlords and Agencies to include a Check-In as part of the Tenant Entry process.

    Check Out Reports

    Undertaken at the end of the tenancy. Starting at £45.00 + VAT

    The check out is a snapshot of the property at the end of the tenancy. The report details the changes and dilapidations that have occurred during the course of the tenancy.

    Your tenant does not need to be present at the check out but if requested they can be.


    We use the original inventory, check-in, tenant amendments and any other relevant information while producing the report

    Financial decisions relating to deductions will never be made by us. Only the Letting Agent/Landlord will have the full history of the property and be able to correctly determine depreciation and fair wear and tear for example. However, we record a 'recommended responsibility,' based on our findings at the property.

    Interim Inspections

    Undertaken mid tenancy. Starting at £25.00 + VAT

    Interim inspection reports are produced mid way through a tenancy. We note the condition of the property, its contents and any issues there may be.


    *This is a great opportunity to identify any repair or maintenance issues at the property.


    Energy performance certificate £40.00 + VAT

    Since 1st of October 2008, an EPC has been legal requirement before the marketing of your property can begin. An EPC is also needed to legally issue your tenant with a Section 21 notice.


    We conduct a detailed energy survey on your property. This information will allow us to generate an energy performance certificate. The certificate will establish the energy consumption efficiency of your entire property and give it a rating.

    Floor Plans

    Measured survey starting at £25.00 + VAT

    Potential buyers or tenants are able to study the layout of a building in detail. Having a floor plan available can also help them to make a quicker decision.


    All our floor plans are prepared in accordance with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidelines and our surveyors are covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance.


    We can supply the floor plan in formats suitable for websites and print marketing.

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    We say what we see. The reports that we produce are detailed, and more importantly, independent. Our reports can be relied on if a dispute arises at the end of the tenancy.


    "You learn something every day if you pay attention". At Properly we undertake regular training and CPD to keep up to speed with changes in legislation .

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